~Types of~ ~Consciousness~

Today we will go through the levels of Consciousness :D

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What is consciousness you say?

Well consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of oneself. It has been found difficult to define this way of thinking but many have found it as it like this. Having the ability to be aware and have control system of the mind. Many, many philosophers have a belief that there is an intuition about the consciousness that we have. Anything we might be aware of at the any moment will eventually form as a part in our consciousness, making it familiar and as an aspect in our lives. There are about three levels of consciousness. The subconscious, The conscious, and The Superconscious.


The first level of consciousness would be the subconscious. While it is aware it is very light on being aware. Almost like a dream having remembered past experience but not fully having a good grasp on it afterwards. About every experience we've ever had along with every thought, loss, or gain. It all ends up in our subconscious to be restored their. More often then not it also influences our behavior and decisions when we don't really even notice. While it has a good flow of awareness it also has a strong flow of undemanding logicality.
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The second level of consciousness would be the Conscious. While compared to the mellow subconscious the conscious is very rational. This level would analyze the facts and make decisions based on what we know. While we can control it, it is often very much influenced by what other peoples opinions are. Making our decision not so much focused sometimes on what we want necessarily but to please others. Also while this level is very aware it is very problematic. We could have a problem and then figure out many solutions to the problem. But then seeing at all the solutions we just came up with it would even more of a problem because then we wouldn't know which one would be best to use. Pretty tricky huh?


The third level of Consciousness would be the state of Superscious. Compared to the the other two levels, this level ends up having a bit of both the first and second level. While in the first one any event would end up being apart of something being remembered while in the second it would be an analytical process. In the third level the Super conscious would have see all things as a whole and draw solutions when ready. Although at times the solutions and problems are seen as one.
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