Birdy Vx Str8

New way to Transport!!

Facts about this amazing MOTORCAR!

This Motorcar can travel 20m/per hour! It doesn't leave any horse droppings on the street, which means u wont get that rediculous smell and dirtying your new wheels. It can help you take your shopping home, taking the kids to school, taking the kids to sports training etc. Its alot more easier than riding a horse. It's alot more safer than a horse beacause your in the inside of the car, when cold or hot u can put your window up and down, you can take five people instead of two people and lots more reasons why motorcars are safer than horses.

Birdy Vx Str8 (the cost) $ 2500

So come to the Birdy Motor shop today and buy a new Birdy Vx Str8!