Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin

First American to recruit and settle Americans in Texas/Mexico.He settled tthree hundred families and was known as an empresario.This led to the colonization of other American settlers in Texas/Mexico.Stephen F. Austin was born Virginia but raised on Southeastern Missouri.Stephen F. Austin died in december 27, 1836.Stephen F. Austin also referred to the name Father of Texas.

in New Orleans

Austin return returned New Orleans published these terms and invited colonists saying that settlement would be located on the Brazos and Colorado rivers. The long depression followed by the panic of 1819 and changes in the land system of the United States.

being imprisoned

Stephen F. Austin and imprisoned in Mexico city. Though accused of trying to incite insurrection in Texas no charges are made against him no court will accept jurisdiction of his case and he remains a prisoner shifting from prison to prison from Janurary until December 1834 when he is released om bond