What did independence mean for SG?

What did independence mean for Singapore?

Singapore independence

Singapore independence was significant because Singapore's port gave an advantage over neighbouring countries ,being a favourable spot for efficient exports of refined goods and import of raw material for trading at a cheaper price.This meant that industries in Singapore found international markets easily.Singapore's growing industrialsation meant that that entre port had been extended into processing of imported raw products leading to higher value added good which brought more income to the island.

During the National Day Parade firstly held on 1966 in Padang,policemen were wearing shorts,nurses donning their white vintage caps.The simple parade at the Padang celebrated the Nation's first birthday since the split from Malaysia.The Parade was held at 9am in the morning at the City Hall.Soldiers,uniform groups,teachers,childerns,trade unionists,cultural groups,lion and dragon dancers all took part in the march.

Memories Of National Day Celebration

People memories of National Day Celebration was a simple parade at the Padang 49 years ago.The Parade was held at the City Hall,more than 23 000 people took part in the celebration,Singapore army first parade because it was the first time six contigent of people defences force went on public parade.Fireworks failed in the day time.Second fireworks display and a sea dragon.The day it rain during the march past of City Hall.Nation wide celebration on August 9 hosted by the president.