The Spanish- American War

By: Riley Hogan

Yellow Journalism

The New York World paper and the New York Journal just couldn't resist a "little" bit of exaggeration when informing the American people about Cuba's struggle for independence, I don't like it when they public is fed not entirely true information I think the newspapers are a terrible source. For example they introduced reconcentration camps, which were prison camps with little food and terrible conditions, to the public and made them seem ten times worse then they already were It would be better if they had other ways to cover these topics and not the untrustworthy newspapers.

The de Lôme letter and USS Maine

The de Lôme letter is a letter written by Enrique Dupuy de Lôme, the Spanish ambassador to Washington. The incident happened because the letter was addressed to a friend in Cuba but was stolen and then published. The USS Maine was a battleship named after the state of Maine, that was shot and the sunk in the Havana Harbor, then the newspapers attempted to get the american public to turn against Spain because of this and they succedded
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On the Front Lines

The battles that soldiers fought in were not easy the were all tough and costly, the extreme heat and heavy wool uniforms didn't help at all. Theodore Roosevelt with the help of Colonel Leonard Wood, created the volunteer Cavalry otherwise known as the Rough Riders. They were like gods to us other soldiers they greatly effected the war. The only battle I fought in was the battle of San Juan Hill, It was a really tough battle, it only increased the number of Casualties, which ended up being 5,500. The war was an important win for the US.

Cartoon Breakdown

The cartoon below: the people on the left who are chopping down the tree are basically hurting America, the Anti-Imperialist League, and the people on the right side who are raising the flag are the ones that are helping America. the Anti Imperialist League an organization formed during the Spanish-American war to oppose the establishment of US colonies. The Platt Amendment allowed the US to intervene with Cuba and to buy or lease land, this helped the people on the right side the ones that were helping America
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