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January 2022


Refresh your Resolutions in 2022

Have you ever made a New Year's Resolution and actually stuck to it? Research shows that individuals with approach-oriented goals are significantly more successful than those with avoidance-oriented goals. This year, why not make a professional resolution to complement your personal goals? Check out the top five resolutions of 2022 contrasted with our top five resolution ideas to inspire mathematical thinking in your classroom.
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# 5. Eat Healthier = Focus on Concept Development

Just as a body is nourished by healthy foods, the mind thrives with proper nourishment. In mathematics, conceptual understanding is the the food for a mathematical mind. Long-term learning happens when the classroom emphasis becomes conceptual connections as opposed to shortcut procedures. Instead of viewing math as a random collection of rules to memorize, they will begin to see it as the interconnected, thought-provoking, and creative subject that it is.

Considering a resolution to focus on concept development?

Check out the examples below.

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# 4. Workout More = Challenge your Students

The muscles in the body must be challenged with resistance and weights to become stronger, while the brain requires the stimulation of mental challenges in order to grow. In mathematics, this means pushing students to think and explore in ways that they may not be accustomed to doing. It also means challenging them to view mistakes as we do muscle soreness after a workout - mistakes, like sore muscles, are simply part of the process of growing.
Do you want to resolve to challenge your students more?

TEA suggests that there is a difference in asking students to complete exercises and asking students to work on problems.

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# 3. Improve Finances = Promote Inquiry

When you are trying to improve personal finances, saving money is critical. Withholding answers is the educational equivalent of saving money. Just as a person may choose an alternative item to purchase when trying to save money, a teacher may opt for an alternative response when encouraging inquiry. Temporarily withholding answers and opting for thought-provoking questioning techniques can enhance the learning experience. When students adapt to inquiry learning, they gain confidence in their ability to independently seek and understand information and lose reliance on the teacher as the sole provider of knowledge.
Are you interested in promoting inquiry in your classroom this year?

Start by simply saying less and asking more.

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# 2. Improve Relationships = Believe in Student Ability

Relationships are important in every aspect of life. Math class is no different. Students who feel valued and supported are more willing to engage in challenging math tasks. In the classroom, it is extremely important to believe in the ability of all students as this can significantly impact outcomes. Research has shown that outcomes can be enhanced by the simple act of communicating positive beliefs to students, especially to those students who struggle.
Is expressing belief in your students the goal you want to choose?

Use the buttons below to explore research related to teacher belief in students.

Read more from Jo Boaler of Stanford University

Dr Jo Boaler is the Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Education at Stanford University. She co-founded to give teachers, parents and students the resources they need to excite students about mathematics.

Read more from

The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Their mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level.

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# 1. Live Life to the Fullest = Try Something New

For some, living life to the fullest means experiencing as much as possible. Experiencing as much as possible requires trying new things. Whether it is in life or in math education, new things bring excitement and trying new things means being willing to take risks. You may not know if it will go as planned, what the outcome will be, or if your effort will be rewarded. However, a bit of novelty can be just what you need to fall in love with math teaching all over again.
Are you ready to try something new in 2022?

Below is a bucket list of ideas to experiment with in your classroom this year.

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We would love to hear from you! Share your resolution idea with us.

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