Professional Learning Communities

Flipping the PD Experience with PLC's.



  • What are Professional Learning Communities? Why do we need them? How do we get started?
  • PLC's Examples
  • HCP Training
  • Continuing the Learning Process
  • Creating your own PLC

Social Groups- Why do you Belong?

AISD Educational Professional Learning Communities


PLC's Why do you Belong? Linoit


  • Use green post-its for what you like about being a member of a group.
  • Use red post-its for what you don't like about being a member of a group.
  • Organize the green post-its int into Share, Support and Learn categories.

PLC's allow you to ...

Professional Development:

Continuing the Learning Process after the PD has ended

  • How do you continue to support learners after the PD has ended?
  • How do learners continue to Share, Learn and Support each other?

Designing your own PLC

  • Who is your audience/participants?
  • What are your objectives?
  • Will you have guided activities to get them started or will it just be open-ended?

Creating your own PLC!

  • Register for a FREE Engage Account
  • Click on Communities/My Groups or Top Right/Pencil/Pull down menu/Group
  • Create your Group
  • Complete Group information
  • Invite Members


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Technology Department
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Technology Department
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