Space Stations

By: Matthew Nadolski

Long-Term Stays in Space

With modern space stations, people can stay in space for long periods of time. In space, experiments can be better because scientists don't have to worry about gravity or the Earth's atmosphere. Being in space for a long period of time can cause many health problems. Some cosmonauts reported being tired and depressed after just two months on the space station. Both astronauts and cosmonauts have to live in close quarters on any space stations. Both doctors and scientists still have questions on the effects of long-term stays in space. The Russians have come up with exercises for cosmonauts to do to prevent muscle deterioration. Doctors are trying to come up with more ways to fight health problems caused by being in no gravity (0 g's).
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Skylab is America's first and so far, only permanent space station. Skylab was made for scientific experiments without any inferences that would be on earth such as gravity, the atmosphere, etc. Skylab was made from recycled rocket parts. Skylab was launched on May 14, 1973. Skylab had 4 manned missions.
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Future Space Stations/Colonies

The first space colonies will likely orbit Earth or be on the moon. The reason for this is it would only take a few hours to a few days to get to orbit or the moon, while it would take a few months to even get to Mars. Also these habitats would be the most welcoming. Just think of it, you could have your very own custom space station or biosphere (on a planet or moon) built, just for you if you had enough money. Also the first space colonies/custom space stations could be built within the next 25-50 years. These would be very expensive to make though. With enough of these though, there could be a population in the galaxy of humans that would far surpass all of our imaginations. Also without gravity, we could build huge things with little effort.
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From the archives: The launch of Skylab


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