Global Business Intelligence

The Right Information Changes Everything

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Bringing innovative ideas, experience, & expertise

Your head is down. You are driven. Focused. Visionary. Leading with passion and purpose but ...are you aware of what is percolating in the global marketplace?

95 percent of the world’s consumers and 73 percent of the world’s purchasing power lies outside the United States. Global business is inevitable, and will be essential to the success for U.S. companies moving forward.

To compete globally requires a different flight plan for success. Whether exporting; establishing branches or factories; franchising, or partnering with firms overseas; importing raw materials, components, or finished products for resale in the United States— there are new levels of complexity to business operations that must be addressed.

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Global Data, News & Analysis for over 200 Countries

Whether you need an assessment of the size of the market for your products in Latin America or analysis of the investment opportunities for your firm in China, our data and information can provide the answers to the specific global business questions confronting your company. Our data offering is designed to provide focused insight into a range of country and industry-specific business challenges.

Global Data Through Dashboards

  • Demographic data
  • Market mix
  • Distribution channels
  • Analysis of social differences
  • Segmentation of global markets
  • Global commodities analysis

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Global Mobility

Protect and keep your most valuable employees engaged and loyal by integrating real-time country and city data to ensure smooth transitions and retention. Every subscription includes:

  • Country guides for 200 countries
  • Live and interactive city guides for thousands of cities
  • Live news for every country
  • Local orientation and settling-in information
  • Health advisory
  • Travel advisory
  • Educational options (including admissions processes/curriculum)
  • On-line intercultural assessment with prescribed training
  • On-line language training - combining high tech with high touch
  • Business visa immigration guidelines and processing requirements
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World Trade Data

You can now utilize more than 20,000 categories of trade data for the top worldwide markets to maintain global market intelligence, build world market sales volumes, measure market penetration and monitor your competitor’s performance.

Expertise in international trade data which emanates from the work of its principals with the Foreign Trade Division of the Bureau of Census—U.S. Department of Commerce; Statistics Canada; China and other key countries.

Focused on providing data to help companies determine the commodity and time detail regarding 20,000 commodity groups and monthly data with monthly currency; sub-national detail worthy of consideration in uniquely large countries; and business-to-business relations in potential bilateral country areas—following potentials for joint ventures, sales support and supply chain relevance.