Peter the Great

Czar of Russia


Peter accomplsihed many things, many churches and universities were established in the city, and early work began on its famous canals. Peter the Great built the first real Russian navy, and used this to secure a number of notable military victories, notably the capture of the Ottoman city of Azov in July 1695. Peter knew that Russia could not secure its military gains unless they were underpinned by a strong and prosperous state.

Negative Atributes

-He taxed peasants.

-He was a disgusting drunk.

-He killed his son.

- Bomb freaky people

- Horrible person, hurt people on purpose

Religious Affiliation

Peter siphoned off church funds as required, but he stopped short of secularizing church lands. He slimmed down the priesthood by redeploying superfluous clergymen into state service and restricting entry into monasteries, which he regarded as refuges for shirkers. Himself a dutiful Orthodox Christian who attended church regularly, he was happy for the Church to take responsibility for the saving of men's souls, but not for it to rule their lives. His reforms were supported by educated churchmen imported from Ukraine.
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Video About Peter the Great

He was a very powerful leader.