2015 Year in Review

Marketing 1-Nicholas Abdeen Pd.3

HK Army

Taking over the fashion scene for men showing very fashionable sense of this time and working with great celebrities like Wacka Facka Flame and was able to grow from a small paintball company to a top clothing provider.


This company has blown up more and more every year with star power and the scene in soccer overseas nothing can stop this sports clothing giant and it is so exciting to see what they have to unveil in 2016.


The juggernaut of the cell phone industry and the new leader for technology. Although the iPhone 6 seemed like a fast grab at money and had no major benefits it is still a great time for this company and will not be off the map for a very long time.

Star Wars

Possibly the best movie of 2015, and well deserved. It was a great movie and an even better star wars film. It lived up to all the hype it created making waves in every day life and the movie industry. It will be a movie to remember for years to come and the world is excited to see more. J.J Abrams did a fantastic job and put out a movie worth of movie of the year.

American Sniper

Another nominator for movie of the year must be American Sniper. It was a fantastic movie filled with emotion and war time drama. It showed post war stress disorder or PTSD and helped tell the story of Chris Kyle and his war story to become an American Hero and the best sniper in american history
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Top Artists

1. Has to be Luke Bryan with his outstanding music this year changing country music to be more lively and pop like. He perfectly blended two music styles and was one of the most influential artists of 2015

Top Artists

2. Michael Ray came from no where in the country music scene leading the charts with Real men love Jesus and Kiss you in the morning hitting the top 20 of 2015 absolutely amazing and heartwarming music that he was able to show off and take a name for himself.

Top 10 Country songs 2015


5.Chris Stapleton, “Nobody to Blame”

4.Thomas Rhett, “Die a Happy Man”

3.Brothers Osborne, “Stay a Little Longer

2.Sam Hunt, “Break Up in a Small Town”

1.Luke Bryan (Feat. Karen Fairchild), “Home Alone Tonight”

New Years Goal

Stay healthy keep all A's