3 Things I Enjoy


....I enjoy reading.

No cheesy romance stories, or (I can handle a bit of) drama, I actually like the classics. I like reading horror, fantasy, adventure, comedy, and even going so far as liking history as well. You know what they say, history just loves to repeat itself.

... Music

I enjoy many types of music, and believe that all music can be good with the right words.

The only types I don't like are

Certain rap songs,

and Screamo.

Screamo Music is too loud, while I just dislike rap, but some rap is okay.

.....Halloween and the night.

I enjoy scaring little kids on Halloween, and also night time. I like watching Halloween movies and I am mostly nocturnal, so I get more energy when it's night. I also like reading in the night, watching horror movies, or just laying in bed in the night.