Holiday Homes for Costa Brava Vacation

Despite large-scale development of tourist facilities, the Brava area of Spain has managed to retain most of its traditional charm. To experience the authentic Catalan way of living on the wild coast of Spain, consider staying in maisons vacances in Costa

Holiday homes in Brava are as versatile as the coastal towns and villages. Boasting of a picturesque surrounding, the vacation villas offer a relaxed setting for a stress-free vacation.

The coastline of the province of Girona, extending from the coastal city of Blanes in the south and the French border in the north, is swarmed by visitors from France and other European countries during the summer. Hence, demand for maisons vacances in Costa escalates during the warmer months. To avoid the hassle of locating a holiday home during the peak tourist season, remember to book your accommodation through a reliable holiday rental website before visiting Brava.

Holiday Homes in Costa Brava
Maison vacances en Costa, including the ones located in the tiny coastal villages are equipped with contemporary facilities. Hence, even in a small fishing village there are lovely holiday villas with air-conditioned rooms, central heating facilities, internet connection and a swimming pool. Although the resorts in the southern part of Brava are crowded and highly developed, the seafaring villages and towns further north are less cosmopolitan and more Catalan. The holiday villas in Costa have tried to balance the traditional and modern features harmoniously.

Scattered across Brava, there are a number of country house-style holiday homes with a rustic charm. Here old-fashioned furniture often shares space with upscale furnishing. The elegant interior décor ensures that nothing looks out of place. From the terrace or balcony of the seaside villa, you will get a clear view of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Few things in life are as enchanting as watching the rugged coastline and enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine from a tranquil spot. The privacy of a holiday home gives you the tranquility you need to enjoy the natural beauty of the coast and soak up the sunshine.

Places to Visit in Costa Brava

From the larger and more crowded resorts in the south to the seaside villages in the north, each part of Costa has its own attraction. Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar and Blanes, the southerly resorts of Brava, are the most lively areas of the region. Llancà , Cadaques, Roses, L’Escala, Sant Pere Pescador and L’Estartit are some of the scenic areas of Costa, worth visiting.

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