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November and December have been filled with learning!

Book Clubs by Nick and Ryan

Our class has been doing book clubs in the past three weeks. The books we have been discussing are The Sign of the Beaver, Riding Freedom, Trouble River, Weasel, and Westward to Home. We have 15 minutes to discuss, 7 minutes to write a summary, 15 minutes to answer a questions Mrs. Vaughan gives us, and the rest of book club to read. We read 1-2 chapters per night. That is what we do in book club.

Math Vocabulary by Dwight and McKinley

In math we are doing division and we have lots of vocab. words. One of the words are quotient, divisor, dividend. The word quotient means the answer to a division problem. the divisor is in the number that divides another number. Dividend is the number in a division equation that is being divided. Math vocabulary is cool.

Prime vs. Composite by Sarah and Maddy

We learned a lot about prime and composite this year. We made jerseys that had a number that was prime or composite. Composite means the number has more than 2 factors. Prime means the number only has 2 factors. Some composite numbers are 26, 35, 63, 74, 27, 24, and 18. Some prime numbers are 19, 71, 11, 41, 37, 53, and 61. You can figure out if a number is prime or composite by making a big fat F and finding the factors of that number. That is what prime and composite means.

Mulitiplication by Sean and Alex

There are many ways you can solve multiplication. The way bow tie is different from wrestling is that wrestling has a different way of solving the problem. In bow tie you multiply the digit on top of the ones place then you multiply the digit in the tens place with the digit in the ones place on the bottom. After that you put a zero under your answer. When you do that you do the same thing but you start with the tens place on the bottom and multiply it with the ones place on the top and times the tens place and the top. Then you add your answers up and you got your answer.

Super 7 Division by Maggie O. and Marianna

In math we are doing super 7 division. Super 7 Division is when you draw a big 7. Then you write down a division problem. Next you multiply the divisor by ten or until you go over the dividend then now you know how many times your divisor go into the dividend. After that, you write the number on the outside of the 7 and intill you can't get any more of the divisor out of the number. If there is a remainder you write it as a mixed number, ignore it, or round it up. This is how we do Super 7.
Partial Quotients Division

Social Studies: Making Maps by Emma and Maggie S.

This year is social studies we made maps I am going to tell you what we did to make them. First we cut out the shape of Ohio and then we glued it on a poster board. Next we drew the states that bordered Ohio. After that, we colored inside of the states that bordered Ohio. Now we added a key to show what state is which color and the names as well. The we took model magic and we colored it to represent the parts of Ohio. That was a little bit of one of the projects that we did in social studies.

Pioneer Paragraphs by Bella and Aparna

Our class did some compare and contrast paragraphs about how our life and pioneer life are similar and different. When we wrote our paragraphs we used key words depending on if it was compare or contrast. If it was compare we used: similar, same as, like, too, and, both, as well as, just as, also, likewise, as does, and as did. If it was contrast we used: unlike, where as, less, but, on the other hand, in contrast to, different from, as opposed to, and however. We also had to include a topic sentence, details, and a closing sentence. We did these in the sequence of a cheeseburger. Bun = topic sentence, ketchup=detail, lettuce=detail, meat=detail, cheese=detail, bun=closing sentence. That is how we wrote our pioneer paragraphs.

Comparing and Contrasting Mythology by Sam and Cooper

We learned about how you can compare and contrast myths. We read two versions King Midas and The Golden Touch. We thought about how in one version, Dyonisis granted the wish, in the other version a satyr granted the wish. The story with Dyonisis was a play, so it was probably the original myth because Greeks loved theater. The play was probably more truthful to what the Greeks told.

We learned how to compare myths by characters and other things. In both there was a sleeping satyr in the garden bed. After the wish was granted everything Midas touched turned to gold! They both included someone or something turning into gold. Those are the ways that King Midas stories are compared and contrasted.

Point of View by Erika and Leah

We are going to tell about point of view. First person point of view is when the narrator is inside the story. He/She is the main character, some examples of first person are I, my, me, mine, we, us, are. That is what first person point of view.

We are going to tell you about third person point of view. Third person point of view is when the narrator is outside the story. He/She is not the main character. Some examples of third person point of view words are them, they, their, he, she, him, her, theirs. That is what third person point of view is.

More information to come on Pioneer Days .... from Kate and Amanda

Look for the complete overview of our wonderful field trip in next month's issue!