By Sydney White

Background Imformation and Geography

This country is (obvously) called Uruguay. It's capital is Montevideo, and some other cool cities to visit in Uruguay are San Josè, Colonial, Melo and Salto. It's hot climate ,plains, rolling hills and fertile low land makes this a great plase to visit. This country is located between Brazil and Argentina. There official language is Sanish, and there flag (shown above) is shown with blue and white stripes, with a sun symbol in the upper left hand corner.
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This country was first owned by Spain, starting in 1726. Spain took advantage of it's harbor and important commercial land. Uruguay was later claimed by Argenia but was token in by Brizill in 1821. Four years later, in 1825, Uruguay gained it's independentce and is on longer controlled from any other country.

Political and Economic Information

Uruguay runs on a Constitutional Republic. There Persident is currently Jose Pepe. There currency is (as shown above) Uruguan Peso, and system off of a free market.

Tourist Information, Where to visit?