Accountant best work force is in Seattle Wahington

This is my Dream Job.

I honestly want to be a Accountant out of all the jobs we have in America as a American I have to say accountant.It's just because I'm good with numbers.And a people's person. Not even through you can't just up and think your going to make a Accountant you need to go to school. You need to have a Bachelors Degree.

Accounting Pays

The average Accountant salary is between 80k-100k. The pays good, but is also worth for what your doing. if you want alot of money the best work place is in Seattle the reason being is because it's the top place to make your money, you go to start somewhere. Bu also it cost to be the boss of whatever you want to do associates degree and bachelors degree has to make it you will go for 4 years.