Mnnesota's Newcomers

There is no place like minnesota.

There is no place like minnesota

All about MN

minnesota became a territory in 1849. Minnesota became a state in 1858. Minnesota's fist teacher was:Harriet Bishop, she formed a temperance to make alcohol illegal. The first governor was: Alexander Ramsey. George Bonga was a translator and was necessary at meetings and treaty signings.

Fort Snelling

Fort snelling is important because it protected the indians from the helped keep the fur trade going. the people there werent there to fight but to watch over the indians
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Minnesota person quote

"i grew up in minnesota and everyone is so nice there"

My opinion on the best way to travel from the east

I think the best way to travel in from the east would be a steamboat. You cant walk But you could use a canoe but it would not be as fast as a steamboat.