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Week of September 14, 2015

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Quality Plus Teaching Strategy: Student-Goal Setting (in Reading)...Great Work!

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Planning Ahead: Early Release Conference Week

We will meet in our CLT meetings this week and during the week of early release conferences.

If you have not started creating common grade level tests by content area, please begin this work. The Suwanee Assessment Items are loaded in C&I for the first 9 weeks. Also, you can use the GO FAR assessment tool in your SLDS function in About Students on your employee portal. Please email or see Dee Dee for more information about how to create a common test in School Net or C&I.

We will not have professional learning on Thursday, September 24.

We will have food for you after school in the conference room on Wednesday, September 23 of early release conferences.

Please make sure that you schedule your conferences and track them so you can provide this information to us when we request it for the Superintendent's Office.

Professional Learning: September 17

If you have not already done so, please watch the RTI/SST video under the RTI tab on our Suwanee Training Page by Thursday, September 17.

Ms. Martinez will be available for a Y'all Come RTI/SST question and answer session during the first 20 minutes of your planning period this Thursday in the Mind Meld room. Please drop by individually or as a grade level to ask clarifying questions and seek her guidance regarding student concerns prior to early release conferences next week.

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RBES Goals

Thank you all for attending your RBES initial goals conference. At this time, your RBES goals are in progress and should be finalized (by clicking accept) by September 21.

Post Count Days Staffing Update

As of this Jag News, we have maintained all of our positions at Suwanee for the 2015-2016 school year after the final count day. Last year, Suwanee finished the year 25 students over projection. If our enrollment trend continues, we hope to do the same this year. We have the best school in the country, which is why parents want their children to attend our school. As we make adjustments based on the instructional needs of our students, I will provide updates.

2015 Preliminary Milestones Results

Academic Contracts

As parent/teacher conferences approach, I want to remind you that this would be the time to start your academic contracts. If you currently have any students that have a D or F in one of your classes you will need to create an academic contract for them for that subject area.

As a reminder:

Please include the AKS that the student is struggling with and up to 5 strategies that will be used by each person: the student, parent and teacher.

Please share the academic contract with the parent(s) during conferences and have them sign at that time.

GCPS In Five

Lunchroom Update

We must dismiss each class on time, so please make sure that you are on time to get your class in the cafe. Timeliness will help the next class dining after your students.

If you have an emergency, please notify the office so we can assist you.

While in the cafe, your students should demonstrate the same behavior you expect from them in the classroom. Your behavioral expectations and management extend into the hallways and cafe. You will be asked to join them if they are not meeting these expectations, so thank you in advance for your support. We must work together to ensure our students are leading themselves to lead our school.

Vision and Math Institute

Both LA Vision and Math Institute will focus on learning that is connected to our Local School Plan for Improvement and your RBES goals for this year. I encourage you to pick Vision or Math Institute, based on your focus for growth this year, and attend with your colleagues. Having collaborative learning opportunities outside of Suwanee is key to expand our knowledge of how we can move student learning forward so our students achieve at the highest levels. *You can find these opportunities through PD&E or email Melissa or Hilary for information.

Broadcast Room Remodel

As part of our retrofit the broadcast room will also be getting an update. We will be getting new equipment as well as new software. The broadcast room refresh will occur over two days beginning on Monday, September 14th through Tuesday, September 15th. Our morning news will most likely be read over the speaker on Monday and Tuesday morning. However, it is our hope that we can show bus numbers in the afternoons even if we do that in a low-tech way for a day or two. We appreciate your patience during this transition to new software and equipment and we will do our best to keep things as smooth as possible during dismissal.

Turn off Projectors

Please remember to turn off your projectors when they are not in use. The bulbs are expensive and have a finite amount of time for use. If you walk past a room where the projector is not in use but it is on, please go in and turn it off. Let's be good stewards of these resources and look out for one another.

Suwanee ES Training Page

Please see Suwanee ES Training page in C&I for key documents you need. We will begin posting all of our documents there for future access. Simply click on the content link to see the table of contents to find what you need. Thank you to Dee Dee for her time and expertise in continually updating our page!

North Gwinnett Schools Foundation 2015-2016 Grant Application Process-Time Sensitive

It is time to think of those original, innovative teaching ideas that will transform the learner's experience in the classroom and can be funded by the North Gwinnett Schools Foundation. The process is different this year, so please see the video link before you begin completing the application. Grade chairs are a resource if you have questions about this process.

Informational video about the process:


Link to the application:



On November 3, voters will have an opportunity to go to the polls. ESPLOST (Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) funds capital projects that support Gwinnett County Public Schools and Buford City Schools, such as building projects and technology retrofits. This ESPLOST is not a new 1-cent sales tax. It would continue the current 1-cent sales tax for 2017-2022. For more information, please go to our website and click on the link to learn more about ESPLOST.

Q12 Employee Engagement Survey

Beginning the week of September 21, you will receive an email from the Gallup Organization with a link to complete the Q12 Employee Engagement Survey. Please look for this email since it will have a different look than our regular email correspondence.

Sunshine News

Just wanted to invite you once again to consider participation in our Sunshine project this year. We are encouraging each staff member to join by giving toward Sunshine. $25 or anything you would like to give is very much appreciated!

Checks are made out to: Suwanee ES Sunshine

*Remember 100% staff participation is ONE WEEK OF JEANS.

You can give any amount=100% participation!!!!

Week At-A-Glance

Monday, September 14

2:45 - Girls on the Run

Tuesday, September 15

2:45 - KidzKey Club

Wednesday, September 16

CogAt - grades 1, 2, & 5

No Chess Club

No Chorus Practice

2:45 - Art Club

2:45 - PE Club

2:45 - Guitar Club

2:45 -Tech Club

Thursday, September 17

CogAt - grades 1, 2, & 5

7:30 - Gifted Meeting

7:30 - Mentor/Mentee Meeting

2:45 - Girls on the Run

2:45 - Orchestra Club

Friday, September 18

No Readers Rally

CogAt- grades 1, 2, & 5