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The Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders is looking to a higher a new Nutritionist or Dietitian for our patients. We are looking for a kind, gentle, good with people person who has the knowledge to sit down with the patients and their doctors and figure out what the road to recovery is . Also, we are looking for someone resourceful as many of these patients may have issues with one method. Other methods to reinforce will be more effective. In addition, you will be have to develop a healthy meal plan that can help these people get back to eating healthy and help regain all the lost muscle . You will be required to keep a journal record of every meal and the effects those meals had . You will be working from 7 a.m.-5 p.m, with an hour lunch break. The starting salary will be $35,000 and can increase up to almost $50,000 with raises if significant improvement is shown. The requirements for this job are at least three years of college or post-high school, a nutrition or dietitian licence. Your background should be in the health, wellness, or even therapeutic care to be best suited for this job.

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