Say No To Random Locker Checks

By Sierra Paeth


Since 2000 locker checks have become more common kids have been nervous to come to school because they don't want to be embarrassed.

Illegal Or Not

  • If a teacher tries to search a locker it is there property so they can search a locker.
  • If they try to search your backpack that is private property without a reason or warrant they can't search a backpack .

The Supreme court says yes or No

  • The Supreme Court says if a school can or can''t search lockers.
  • If they say no they can't search your locker they can't.
  • If they say yes they can search your locker they can.

Lets stop embarrassing kids

  • When teachers check student lockers in public in makes the student uncomfortable.
  • When student are uncomfortable around friends they can be made fun of.
  • We don't want that at school

no more

  • No more locker searches it's not fair.
  • I't embarrass kids.
  • The supreme court should say no to all schools
  • If your tired of the locker checks go to your school leader and say no more.
Education 100: Locker Search