President JFK

By: Lataivia Brown

The Basic Details on the Assassination

November 22, 1963 changed the world forever. It shocked the world, this is the assassination of JFK. Its been 50 years since it happen. It also left people questioning "Who would do this and why?" The assassination shocked the world.
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The Killer or Suspect

Lee Oswald he was the suspect he assassinated JFK from a building in Dallas,Texas. He was not confess to killing the president. But he was just a suspect but was later killed by Jack Ruby.
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John F. Kennedy

JFK is the 35th president and was married to Jackie Kennedy. He has 4 children. JFK was the second president to be assassinated. He was killed during a car ride in Dallas,Texas.

How President JFK assassination shocked the world..........

Many people were very upset yet shocked on what happened and found themselves questioning whats going to happen next. But there was a lot of respect shown for the President and the First Lady. Many people thought to shut down everything stores, television shows, etc.

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