The Ranger's Apprentice Book 1

By John Flanagan

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Is anything ever as it seems?

This book is about Will, a young ward in the Castle Redmont orphanage, being chosen into a group of warriors called “Rangers”. It all started when Will and the other wards of his age were to be chosen by the tradesmen of the fief as apprentices. Will was the only one not selected by these craftsmen or even battle school. This is when the ranger of the fief, Halt, gave a note to the baron and pointed at Will. Will, being quite curious sneaks into the baron’s study. Halt catches him and is impressed by his skill. Soon will is Halt’s apprentice and trains rigorously for quite a while. This is halted when the old enemy of the kingdom, Morgorath sends two creatures after the key leaders from his last defeat. The two rangers now have to ride out and meet the foes. "All of Araluan must prepare for the upcoming war."

The World of the Book

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Ranger's Apprentice Book One: The Ruins of Gorlan Book Trailer


I chose this book because it was of my favorite genre, fantasy. My favorite part was the boar hunt that nearly killed Will. To me, the book is amazing for its length. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough. of course this will be remedied when I get to read the rest of the series. Overall i would rate the book 5 stars for its amazing plot, detail, and being able to keep my interest all the way through. I would recommend this to anyone who can understand the words (7th or 8th grade +).
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