I Am Malala

Chapter 10 Monei Martinez

Malala's Point of View

Point of view of Chapter10

The point of view of Chapter 10 is that Malala thinks that terrorism is scaring everyone but some are still managing to live a normal life . Even after Falullah destroy a primary school, roads,bridges, houses. She felt afraid she thought that no where is safe and no one. In the passage it states that ''nighttime was when Fazlullah men carried out most of their attacks especially the destruction of schools.'' This proves that he did this because he want to terrify the people so that they don whatever he says to do.

My point of view of chapter 10 what terrorism feels like

My point of view of this chapter is that people should be terrified just to do things.In addition it is like saying that if i want someone to do whatever I feel they should do I should scared/frighten them just so that they obey my orders/command . This id just my opinion it doesn't mean that everyone thinks this