The Road To Perserverance

by: Cooper Avery


Perseverance is a very strong and complicated word. The word means something different to everyone it just depends on how that you look at it, Is it good? Is it bad? Its all what you think. I think the word perseverance means to overcome obstacles no matter how much trouble you face. Lastly i think that it also means to never give in, as you read below you will realize why I am thinking this way.

Elenoar Rosevelt/ Description

Eleanor Roosevelt was a lady who had a very depressing childhood. She lost 3 people in her family in just 18 months. Her mom died, her dad died, and her brother died all in the same year and a half. Also after that she was forced to live with her mean and snotty grandmother who made her wear old dirty clothes every day even though she had the money. However, Eleanor always was a very hard worker in school and even became the presidents, Franklin Roosevelt's wife! But this isn't the reason why she is so famous, or even her amazing story, it was all of her eloquent speeches to the public to help inspire people who needed help persevering.

Lady Jags/ Problem Solution

There is a very poor county in Tennessee called carol county. This is a place where there are cockroach infested houses with barely any food on the table, these adversities are some of the things that effect these girls with their school work. There is a high school there for troubled girls with a basketball team called the "Lady Jags." Most of the girls are court ordered to play to help them learn to cooperate with other girls. The school believes that you need to give the girls a boost but they have to do the rest of the on there self. Most of the girls that go to this school improve and some even double their GPA. Also a lot of the girls in the end make new friends and don't have social problems anymore.

Jackie Robinson/ Compare Contrast

Jackie Robinson

1. Fought for black rights because he thought they were treated badly

2. Also he couldn't fight back if someone said something racist to him he had to let it go because if he didn't he would be punished.

3. Was the first black baseball player to play in the major leagues.


1. They both were well known athletes and did very good in there careers.

2. Both were very well respected.

3. Both are in the hall of fame.

Micheal Jordan

1. He was the greatest NBA player of all time.

2. When he was growing up blacks already had rights.

3. Michael didn't fight for black rights.


Overall i think that from these different story's we learn that perseverance comes a long way. If you want something you ill have to fight for it, its not just going to be handed to you. Also i think that these story's inspire us to persevere no matter how hard it is. The people in these story's work hard for a long time and eventually they get what they want.