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October 28- November 1

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you to the parents who were able to make it in to conferences on Thursday. We will have another round of conferences on November 7th from 4-7. Students brought their reports card home on Friday. The grades you will see are a reflection of your student progress, achievement, and process.Try to have a conversation with your student about how they think they have done. Do they think they have achieved all the points that they could have, did they work their hardest, complete all their assignments, and turn in all their work to the best of their abilities?

How do they feel they are doing as a student?

Preparedness: Do they act responsibly, show up to class with their materials, act as a self-directed learner.

Does your student listen to directions, participate in class, offer to share ideas, work well with their peers/group members? Do they take risks to help their learning grow?

Work Completion
How hard does your student work. Do they work to achieve the goal- no matter how hard? Do they try to find solutions to problems, or do they rely on others, teachers, parents to solve problems for them. Does your student work to do THEIR best work?

Have a great week and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Mrs. Hiler

Mark Your Calendars

October 23- 31st- RED RIBBON WEEK

November 3- Daylight Saving Time Ends- Fall Back time change

November 5- No School Professional Development

November 7- Parent Teacher Conferences 4-7; Fall Sports Awards

November 11- Veteran's Day

November 21- PTO Meeting

November 27-29- No School- Thanksgiving Break


Congratulations to the following students for having perfect attendance first quarter. You rock!

Perfect Attendance -5

Aranyos, Montana

Bodley, Ember

Brandenburg, Katelyn

Carnahan, Jona

Custer, Mia

Hall, Garet

Hesser, Melody

Kindoll, Madison

Lyons, Brylee

Martin, Khloie

Mosley, Connor

Ouellette, Ethan

Paynter, Raymond

Propes, Leeann

Quatkemeyer, Esther

Scarlatella, Olivia

Schnarrenberg, Lori

Turner, Caleb

6th Grade

Blakley, Kenzie

Brueggeman, Benjamin

Lane, Nate

Hively, Kaylyn

Johns, Sami-Jo

Kahle, Caleb

Miller, Landen

Myers, Clayton

Rudd, Harley

Schnarrenberg, Millie

Simpson, Elijah

Valentine, Ernie

Valentine, Faith

Vittoz, Eyan

Wendling, Hailey

7th Grade

Arthur, Natalie

Baker, Bryce

Blackburn, Bralyn

Blackburn, Kalyn

Breig, Dustin

Burchell, Madison

Caudill, Brooklyn

Cooper, Aiden

Cooper, Ashlyn

Creager, Lexie

Donovan, Courtney

Easter, Lacee

Forbes, Landen

Fulton, Payton

King, Jamie

Proffitt, Jayden

Ritchie, Nathan Jr.

Senior, Waylon

Siekbert, Madison

Spires, Kelly

Young, Cayley


Aurthur, Stacie

Belt, Hannah

Blake, Sophie

Hall, Camryn

Hamiton, Joanna

Jennings, Faith

Lane, Hayley

Lykins, Aidan

Menser, Noah

Miller, Brittany

Ninichuck, Caleb

Oakley, Gavin

Pinger, Emerson

Spaulding, Noah

Red Ribbon Week October 23-31st

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Cyberbullying: What Every Parent Should Know

Bullying incidents are no longer limited to the playground or the locker room Cyberbullying is the latest form of bullying sweeping across middle school and high schools. The recent increase in the number of suicides by kids mercilessly cyberbullied certainly sets off alarm bells.

It is harassment, taunting, or threats that are done via lots of forms of social media. With the click of a button, it can spread very quickly.

What Can I Do As A Parent?

1. Don't assume anything. Don't assume that your child will never participate or be the victim of "those mean kids." Even our sweetest kids get caught up in the moment.

2. Communicate...a lot. Have regular conversations with your child, Talk about examples of bullying and the consequences of the person being bullied.

3. Don't throw your hands up and say "kids will be kids." This suggests to your child that they want the victim to toughen up or that the other child was horsing around. Neither pays attention to feelings.

4. Watch your own social media use. Pay attention to what you are posting on social media. Don't teach your child to be a bully.

5 Set limits. Begin by limiting how much time your child is on social media. Put the electronics away.

6. Check and recheck. Make a contract with your child that you will check their browser history when you feel it is necessary. Be sure to routinely check it. Make your child responsible for NO Cyberbullying.

Thriving Learning Communities

Hopefully you had an opportunity to talk with your children about their survey results and to learning more about their strengths. Below you will find a link where you can take a free survey. It isn't as extensive as what the students took but it is still worth the time to take and to learn about your own strengths.

Final Forms

If you and/or your child haven't had the opportunity to complete your final forms please try to update them as soon as possible.

Box Tops

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Charge the Chromebooks!

Please make sure your child gets in the habit of charging their chrome books each evening. It is important that they come to school prepared and the chrome books are as important to class as bringing paper and pencils. They will need their computers to fully participate in instruction in most classes.

2019-2020 School Calendar

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Clear Water Bottles

Students are permitted to have water bottles in the classrooms. Please make sure that the water bottles are clear.


If you do not wish to receive voice calls or texts from the Felicity-Franklin Local School District, please select the link below and complete the information requested. Thank you.

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School starts at 7:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Every hour of the school day counts, so please try and have your child to school on time. If your child is absent please call 513-362-5307 by 10:00 am.

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