YoungLife College Boise State Rush Week

Monday 8.26 Where's Waldo. Meet at the Excellence Bell 8pm. Walk to U-Swirl afterwards!

Wednesday 8.28 Bike to the FUN/ Tegan & Sara concert to watch on the hill. Meet at entrance 2 behind Chaffee. Bring your bike, a blanket, and snacks. 6:30pm

Friday 8.30 BBQ & movie on the lawn @ the YL House! 1601 Juanita St. 2 blocks from campus. Bring your appetite and a blanket for the movie.

Tuesday 9.3 Lumberjack dinner. Wear flannel and come eat flapjacks...& bacon! YL House 1601 Juanita. 7-9pm

Wednesday 9.4 CLUB! Come to the first YL Club of the semester! 8:28pm