How They Croaked


Who was Pocahontas?

She was a Native American princess, the daughter of Chief Powhatan.

she was born on march 21, 1617

she was 21 years old when she died

The real story

the true story is nothing like what the movies make it look like. the real story is more of a sad and disappointing story to tell, instead of a happy story to tell. there is so much different about the real. the true story is that instead of her falling in love with smith, she was really kidnapped and held for ransom, then taken over to England and made into a "civilized" person and they used her to raise founds for their new colonies and tobacco fields in america, but sadly she cough a sickness and ended up dying from it before she could return home, they think now that the sickness was either tuberculosis or pneumonia.

Treatments back then compared to now

back then there really wasn't a safe place to go to get treated for sickness because everywhere in England was dirty and unsanitary, not to mention the doctors ratio was 1 doc to every 8,000 people. she died because she didn't get the right treatment she needed. today on the other hand, we have more doctors and more sanitary hospitals to go to with the proper treatments and medicine to treat any kind of sickness.


we made major improvement in traveling and transport. back then they used horse back and carages to travel from place to place and now we use cars, planes, trains etc. to get around and it takes us about 1/8 of the time to travel the distance now. maybe if they had this back then they could of used it to help Pocahontas survive her illness, but sadly they didn't.


The main reason we think she got sick is the pollution in the air in England at this time period, not to mention the poor living standards they had to live with such as bathing only once a year, not brushing their teeth, and the streets were flooded with feces from humans and animals. These were some of the thing that a person from another place could not be able to live with, and Pocahontas was proof of that. another thing is that she was not immune to the disses over in England. Today on the other hand we have been able to get the pollution problem under control some what to were the standards of live are met.