By Jordan Laws and Alexis Gallimore


  • Russia is located in eastern Europe.
  • Bering Sea,Norwegian Sea, Kara Sea, East Siberian Sea
  • Moscow is the capital
  • St. Petersburg,Samara,Omsk,Kazan,Rostov-on-don
  • 6.602 million square miles
  • Volga river plain, Ural Mountains
  • Fertile areas,marshes,steppes,coniferous forests
  • Petroleum,Uranium,Coal,gas reserves,iron,lead,titanium


  • mining,aerospace production,machinery manufacturing, electric engineering,pulp and paper production,automotive industry,agriculture
  • gas,coal,oil,metal,timber,defense equipment are its major exports
  • machinery,transport equipment,plastics,medicines,iron,steel,consumer goods,meat are major imports
  • currency-Russian Ruble=0.014 American dollars


  • federal republican government
  • Vladimir Putin is current leader
  • military age 18-27
  • conscription 12 months
  • active personnel 771,000
  • reserve personnel 2 million
  • foreign policy-cis (commonwealth of independent states)

Current events

  • Vladimir Putin calls Donald Trump a "very colorful and talented man"
  • Ukraine refuses to repay 3 billion dollar debt to Russia
  • Russia Deploys 10,000 troops into Ukraine
  • Eu plans to prolong sanctions against Russia
  • FSB raids Turkish Bank Branches in Russia

Social Structure

Class system-Not Designated

Religion-Most Russians are orthodox christian

Main ethnic groups-Tatars, Ukrainians, Bashkir, Chuvash, Chechens, and Armenians

Life expectancy-70.46 years for most Russians


Education-10 to 11 Year Learning Course

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