Czech This Out

Becca Miller at The Christian International School of Prague

I Need You!

CISP: 90 students from almost 20 countries, providing an accessible English language education in Prague, Czech Republic.

50% Missionary familes, working in ministries such a English language services, youth ministry, and church planting.

Some Czech and International Christian families desiring a Christian education for their children.

The rest, non-believing Czech and International families who want to learn English

2 students (including 1 from China), that came to Christ during the past school year.

Countless others reached with the Gospel through the 10 year history of the school.

My need: $22,000

CISP has the lowest tuition of all the international schools in Prague. To keep costs low, teachers raise their support. This includes everything from rent, to food, to transportation, to classroom costs, to insurance, to day-to-day costs, as well as ministry expenses for my mission (Resourcing Christian Education International).

Breaking Down My Needs:

I need about...

$420 a month for rent
$400 for visa expenses- total cost
$1,400 for living expenses, insurance, and other day to day costs

To cover my support, I would need:

365 people giving $5 a month

200 people giving $10 a month

100 people giving $20 a month

50 people giving $40 a month

25 people giving $80 a month