Medieval Europe

By Aubrey and Emily


o Having education meant more power

o Education received varied with social class

o Education in schools were only for boys in the higher classes

o Education done by monks; memorizing was main education

o Basic education for elites – Seven Liberal Arts

o Seven – number people were fond with; Liberal Arts – Trivium(three roads) and Quadrivium(four roads)

o Trivium – grammar, rhetoric, logic, taught essential disciplines needed for the Church, language structure, force to speak

o Quadrivium – sciences, learned after mastering first three subjects, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music part of second set, used for medicine, law and theology

o Math was very important; roman numerals; number 0 didn’t exist

o More important during childhood to gain more experience and skill


· Those born in to rich family’s would be rich

· Segregation between men and women were also found in family life

· Children were shaped out by their environment (the one there parents create)

· Marriage had nothing to with love and want (was used to affect the family, economy, inheritance)

· In some cases they make there daughter pay to wed and leave the land

· Inheritance only went to the daughters husband if there was no son in the family

· If this is the case then an arranged marriage most likely would have happened cause the father wanted to give inheritance to a worthy man

· Wife is the husbands property

· If you scolded your husband then you would have been beaten with little respect

· Divorce was rare only happened if you broke one of 3 laws

· Men could lie to divorce about the third law cause there was no marriage between relatives.

· Women barley had privilege to have caused divorce by this method

· The wife had to be a house wife and get groceries, cleaning, cooking, gardening

· Didn’t just work in the house but also worked outside with mainly practicing husbands craft