Estridge Edition

News From Our 5th Grade Classroom 10/14/16

What's Happening in the Classroom

Notes from the Teacher

If you were unable to volunteer for Popcorn parking and would like to chaperone for Camp T, please sign up to volunteer for Harvest Fest:

Red Ribbon Week Dress-Up Days:

10/24- United in Red (wear a lot of red)

10/25- Your Future is Bright (wear bright colors)

10/26-Relax and Don't Do Drugs (pajama day)

10/27- Happy Days Ahead When You Live Drug Free (also 50th day of school, 1950's attire)

10/28-Team Up Against Drugs (sports wear day)

10/31- I'm Not Scared to Say NO to Drugs! (Costumes, with rules and conditions-see below)

As the end of the grading period approaches, please make sure you are checking your child's Skyward account for any missing work. Please let me know if you need a second copy and your child will be able to get any missing work from the Extra Paper tray. This work will be due on Thursday.

Thank you for scheduling a time to meet with with this next month. I look forward to meeting you (and re-meeting you) while we discuss some data and classroom observations about your child. Please bring any questions you have too! If you have not yet scheduled a meeting with me, please contact me and we can set up a meeting.


In math, we will finish Topic 4-Multiplying Decimals. We will complete the study guide in class Monday and test Tuesday. We will then complete a Topic 1-4 Benchmark Assessment that will review what your child has retained this first grading period. Your child can log into their Pearson account and re-watch the lesson videos to help them if they need re-teaching. We will then start Topic 5-Division of Whole numbers by estimating our answers on Thursday.

In Writing, we will continue working in Unit 3-Informational Reports. We will work on organizing our research questions and outline the report. In Language Arts, we will work on Plural Possessive Nouns, Combining sentences, and letter punctuation.

In Reading, we will start Unit 1-Identify Main Idea and Supporting details/Ask Questions. We will work in small groups reading on specific level texts practicing these skills.

We will start Unit 3-European Exploration in Social Studies. Your child will be assigned to read a specific amount of pages and answer the questions for homework. The next day, we will discuss our answers in small groups and complete activities about the different European Explorers.

Spelling List for This Week
















Lake Michigan

Lake Huron

Lake Superior

Lake Ontario

Lake Erie

Dates to Remember

October 20-School Pictures

October 21-No School

November 8-No School

October 27-Art Field Trip to the Art Institute of Chicago-more info from Mrs. Cummings

May 10th and 11th-Camp T.