Dixons Kings Academy Appreciations!

Integrity, Diligence, Civility... 14 October 2016

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The Climb... Events at DKA this week!


At Dixons Kings, we live by our core values. Integrity is always doing the right thing and keeping true to your moral principles. Diligence is the necessity of giving attention to detail in order to avoid error and overcome obstacles. Finally, Civility is about showing everyone consideration and respect. Our appreciations newsletter celebrates the members of our academy family who exhibit these values and climb the mountain to success. We also champion the family members who, during their climb, have shown themselves to be unique, ambitious and creative.

Y10 boys had an inspiring & insightful time at Cambridge University!

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DKA Win Football match against Grange! Go Team!

After a disappointing first match of the season the boys have progressed each week. Shortly after half time we found ourselves 2-0 down and it looked like we needed a miracle to get back in the game. Luckily, our miracle came in the shape of our new student DO who scored twice to make it 2-2 with 10 minutes left.

There was to be a further setback when shortly after the equalising goal Grange scored a 3rd goal to take a 3-2 lead with only 5 minutes to play. Being the inspirational manager that he is, Mr McCall thought quickly on his feet and brought MK on to play on the left wing. Immediate success. MK battled his way through on goal and slotted the ball in to the bottom corner to equalise with only 3 minutes left to play.

By this time the DKA team spirit was at an all-time high and it was clear that only one team could go on to win this… However, as time was running out it seemed as though we wouldn’t get a winning goal until the ball broke to DH on the edge of the area who neatly diverted the ball away from the Grange goal keeper – GOAL!!! With literally the last kick of the game and with no time to retake the centre Dixons Kings win!!! The crowd (Mr McCall and Mrs Jerrum) went wild and the boys on the pitch were equally ecstatic.

Commentary by Mr McCall!

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Well Done to this Year 7 Student, who has won 4 awards this term! Here is a picture of him with his proud form tutor!

Year 7 Stretch Winner from his form!

Year 7 Spanish Star of the Term!

Year 7 History Star of the Term!

Year 7 Family Member of the Term!

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Year 7 Family Members of the Term! Well done to All of You!

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Here are our Year 7 Stretch winners for their All About Me projects! Well Done!

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Here are pictures of some of our progress boards from around school!

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition!

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Year 10 Students have been developing their super hero coursework through the use of texture, exploring a variety of materials!

Here are pictures of some of our displays in the DT/Art Area - Excellent Work!

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The Climb... Events at DKA this week!

Family Members of the Week!

Year 7

Here is a picture of our Year 7 Family members of the week

Year 8

Mohammed Badr Ullah 8.3 - For consistently helping in family dining.

Isna Rehman 8.2 - For always smiling and being very helpful with sharing equipment so others are organised as well.

Year 9

Aliyah Khan 9Ox4 - she demonstrates our core values at all times and consistently receives positives for her hard work.

Aqsa Razaq 9Cam3 – Excellent diligence in all lessons receiving the most positives in the school this week.

Year 10

Anees Ahmed – 10ox4 – Always showing integrity

Mohammed Murtaza 10ox2 – For being an inspiration to all other staff and students!

Year 11

Staff who have been appreciated by students or their colleagues

Miss Kauser – Extremely useful revision resources prepared for students to complete during the holidays

Mr U Iqbal – Diligently assisting in the preparation of revision resources for year 9

Miss Shah – Excellent session on SEN strategies shared during faculty time

Miss Rasib – Consistently embedding routines to create a calm environment of learning

Mr H Farooq & Miss S Mahmood – collaborating to address misconceptions in Physics

Mr Ishaq – Developing new resources to aid progress of his learners

Miss Gill – Always offering support

Miss Jennings – Super quick turnaround in printing resources and separating the printing into year groups

Miss S Ahmed- for being so thoughtful and helpful at all times Mr H Khan- for being very helpful and always doing whatever is asked of him and more!

Ms M Kauser- thank you for all your hard work with the year 7s- they have settled in very well!

Miss Evans- thank you for all the resources and tips you share that not only help me to improve my practice but also allow me to support others in improving their practice as well

Miss Shah- always working diligently to support students after school

Mr Ellis – For being a very hands-on Assistant Head of Year and for settling into the role with ease.

Mr Carr – For being an excellent SLT link for the year group and for always going above and beyond!

Ms Knighton – For being a fantastic supportive coach who is always on hand to listen and guide!

Miss Wharton – For always being on hand to help and for making me smile every day at work with her extremely witty banter!

Mr Javed for his diligence in ensuring that there is an appropriate level of civility in the Library on a Friday lunchtime.

Miss Jennings – For being extremely efficient and never saying no to any job even if it is last minute! You are a superstar!

Miss Boutennet and Mr Ellis for their hard work and dedication with Year 7 and Year 8

Mr Akbar for staying after school to help me with Year 11 planning

Miss Ahmed for always offering helpful advice and resources

Charlotte Binns (Maths) for her contribution to aiding the planning of lessons for KS3.

Mr Miller - I would like to appreciate Mr. Miller for producing excellent revision and assessment preparation resources for Animal Farm.

Miss Gayle - I would like to appreciate Ms. Gayle for creating fantastic additional homework for intervention students in Year 9 and Year 10.

Miss Knowles - I would like to appreciate Ms. Knowles for introducing the English department to 'Let's Think in English' and producing excellent resources to help us deliver it to our students.

Miss Crawford - I would like to appreciate Ms. Crawford for being a superb Year 7 form tutor and showing diligence through coaching this term.

Miss Lawrence for working extremely hard and having a very successful first term at DKA.

Miss Thompson - I would like to appreciate Ms. Thompson for being so positive about a new project (working with David in the library).

Miss Cronin - I would like to appreciate Ms. Cronin for producing engaging resources to support the reading of Animal Farm, and always looking for new and interesting ways to engage students in the classroom.

Ms. Gorden-Jarrett for the interesting and varied 'words of the week' that we have had this term and for introducing the very popular reading comprehension boxes, which some of the students work with.

Mr Nixon - I would like to appreciate Mr. Nixon for everything he has done this term to re-organise the library; the new (and very time-consuming) labelling system will revolutionise how effectively the library can operate.

Mr Harrap – for doing an excellent job of organising and leading the DofE expedition.

Mr Rafiq for driving the Year 10 boys all the way down to Cambridge

Miss Irish for always going the extra mile to support with Y10

Mr Carr for working so hard behind the scenes to raise achievement of students in Yr 10

All HOF’s- Sending all Y7 appreciations for faculty star of the week very quickly

Mr U Iqbal - Producing Y9 revision guide for cycle 1 assessment

Mr Akbar - Helping out in the appreciation assembly by handing out certificates

Miss Boutonnet - Dealing diligently and swiftly with situations that arise with Y7’s.

All Year 7 form tutors for supporting the Y7 assemblies this week

Mrs Istoan for producing 30 certificates very last minute

Miss S Hussain - Helped me understand everything and always helping/supporting where possible

Mr Sajid Rafiq for bringing helpful students to support preparation for assessment day.

Miss Khanum – for being so positive and helpful setting up year 6 tests.

Miss Ahmed – for being polite and caring during family dining

Mr H Khan – for organising an excellent event for the Year 10 boys to Cambridge university and for taking me along

Mr Barnard – for being a helpful mentor to the trainee teacher


Year 7 - Appreciations to teachers and students!

Miss Hickey appreciates Miss Amin for her civility at lunch time as she always offers to return my plate to the dining hall.

Miss Crawford appreciates Ehsaan Shahzad (Y7) for civility shown in tutor time by helping others in his tutor group.

Miss Clynes appreciates Hassan Ahmed (Y7) for his diligence in reading. He has moved a whole reading level.

Miss Lawrence appreciates Barirah Irfan (Y7) for her civility and kindness that she always shows to others.

Miss Riley appreciates Musa Khan (Y7) for his civility shown in family dining.

Year 7 appreciate Miss Boutonnet and Miss Kauser for always being supportive and helping them to show diligence, civility and integrity.

Year 7 appreciate the kitchen staff for preparing delicious family dining meals all term.

Year 7 appreciate Mr Miller, Miss Crawford, Mr Hussain, Mr Ishfaq, Miss Binns, Mr Akhbar, Mrs Gordon-Jarrett for support every day and making their first few weeks at Dixons Kings an excellent experience.

Year 7 appreciate Mr Nixon for running the library efficiently, making sure there is a wide selection of books, writing poems especially for them and running competitions.

Year 7 appreciate the Class of 2016 for their legacy of diligence which has put Dixons Kings Academy in the top 3% of schools for Progress 8 in the country.

Suhayb Rahman 7.5 appreciates Mr Akhbar for helping his tutor group at family dining.

Fatima Khan 7.2 appreciates Mr Miley for being a good leader.

Imaan Shaukat 7.7 appreciates Mr Rossell for helping to develop her musical skills.

Farah Wallace 7.2 appreciates her whole tutor group for their diligence and civility at family dining.

Sahil Arif – 7.2 appreciates Mrs Gordon-Jarrett for her help at family dining.

Hayyan Amjed 7.5 appreciates Mr Harrap for preparing him well for his Geography assessment.

Mohammed Wadi 7.4 appreciates his tutor group for diligently working together to get the highest number of positives.

Thank you to the following students for helping me in their own time (after school and break)

Mominah Shah 7.1

Ifrah Mirza 7.1

Rahat Bibi 7.7

Year 10 Students of the Week!

Group of Y10 boys for showing lots of integrity and civility on the trip to Cambridge and being an example for the rest of the school.

Year 11 Stars of the Week!

Thank you to the following students for helping me in their own time (after school and break)

Zainab Azad 11.7

Asiyah Javid 11.5

IT Stars of the Week!

Zainab Azad & Asiyah Javed Yr11 students for helping out in the IT faculty and showing civility in completing the tasks.

8B/IT1 group for achieveing excellent test marks in their HTML assessment.

Maths Stars of the Week!


Bilal Arshad and Ibrahim Ahmed – for improved diligence in Maths


For consistent diligence in starting GCSE content this half term – Aliyah Khan, Saba Ibrar, Hamza Shaukat, Marian Popik


Bilal Usmani and Amaan Shazad for stopping to help me with my things in the corridor.

Tanzil Janjua – for improved attendance this half term.

Bilal Khan – for improved attitude to Maths.

PE Star of the Week!

Saad Usman (attended every extra-curricular club at lunch).

MFL Stars of the Week!

Kiran Mehreen (Y10) – outstanding diligence shown in all DIRT - Miss Hickey

Ruqqayah Rauf (Y10) – outstanding diligence shown in Spanish lessons. Miss Evans

Adeen Zeb (Y9) – diligence shown in intervention work leading to improved attainment.

Huzayfah Ali (Y7) diligence shown by creating a comic strip in Spanish! He’s going above and beyond every day to learn new Spanish phrases and extend his learning - Miss Boutonnet

Khalil Ahmad (Y11) – diligence and dedication in lessons. He always puts in 100% in every day.

RE Stars of the Week - Miss Khan

Year 8:

Well done to Isna Rehman for showing civility by helping her peers with their work and with being equipped to all lessons.

Year 9:

Well done to Desmond for working hard to catch up with missed work and showing diligence in lessons to learn new content and exam skills.

Year 10:

Simrah Rubani- thank you for showing diligence towards your studies by speaking to the teacher in your own time to catch up with missed learning.

Year 11:

Maleeha Khan, Aliya Janjua, Sana Ashfaq, Amana Khan, Ismail Nazir, Shabbaz Sajjad- thank you for your help with tasks in the morning!

Well done to my year 11 RE intervention students for working diligently and showing that you want to improve and achieve good results in RE. Keep it up!

Business Studies Stars of the Week!

Year 11

Sahil Tariq, Hassan Ali-Iqbal, Laraib Safdar, Kaif Mahmood, Bilal Seedat, Shafiur Rahman and Tauseef Suleman for all scoring an A* on their recent assessment! Well done guys – keep it up!

Hasnain Ali, Asiyah Javid & Faaiza Sajid for all scoring an A in their recent topic assessment! Well done to you all!

Parents Information

The Academy will close for the October holidays on Friday 14 October 2016 and re-open on Monday 31 October 2016. Students will be expected to be in school and ready for learning by 7.55am. We wish you all have a restful and enjoyable break.

Parent Pay

Please note that a letter has been sent home with your child regarding parent pay. The letter is also available to view under the recent letters section on the Academy Website.

Family Dining

We are very proud that our year 7 students dine together every day. Family dining gives students a chance to demonstrate integrity, diligence and civility while eating together with their tutors. They serve each other; clean up together and get a chance to talk about their journey up the mountain of success!

Two Claps on Three!

To show our appreciation, we give our family members 'two claps on three'. Here are year 7 demonstrating it!