by Kaleb

Personal Strengths

For starters vets are in the agriculture , foods and natural resource career cluster. I chose this career because I love animals and I care for them. some talents I have are science complex problem solving speaking and reading ect.

work environment

at this job I would see and help animals every day that has been my dream job since I saw an animal. In my job I would stay in an office and I wouldn't travel. this job will be stressful because it might die. my schedule will be different every week.


the average salary that a vet makes is 87,590 yearly. you will get paid 40$ hourly. in 2023 there will be plenty of jobs available (9%+).

Education and Training

To begin with you need a doctoral degree witch is 4 years of college and 4 years of vet school (that 8 years total). some school subjects you need to learn are medicine biology, costumer and personal service, English language, and mathematics.

job outlook

in 2023 there will be plenty of jobs available (9%+).
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