Fourth Grade Happenings

Week of May 2nd


Comprehension Strategy: Making Judgements

We will finish off the year with one more unit in reading! Hard to believe! Over the past few weeks, I have seen an excitement for reading flourish in some of the kids! I hope that they see that creating goals each day will help them to finish a book and that they

know how to be a thinker while they read.


Unit 7-Fractions.... a lot of our fraction knowledge will resurface as we review fraction concepts. If I feel that a lesson is not worth teaching because it is too much of a review and no application, I will improvise and you will not see the usual Everday Math Homework that night.

Social Studies:

We will begin our study of our final region-the West! Quiz over ALL 50 states on 5/12.

For this test, they will receive a blank map of the US and will have to put the abbreviations in each state. They will also have to match the states and capitals.

Electronic Flashcards:

Website for studying:

MAP Testing

The kids did awesome on Friday and LOVED getting their letters from you. Some propped them up while they tested and some put away in desk and then pulled out to read again was so sweet to see.

We will test on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Please make sure, more than usual, that your child goes to bed at a good time and has a nutritious breakfast. I do not want them to feel any anxiety about this test, but I do want them to know that it is very important to do their best as these scores are looked at for various placements in 5th Grade. :)

To do list:

  • Symphony field trip permission and $7 by May 5th


  • School Picnic RSVP by May 6th
  • Cardinal Game

Dear Kellison Parents - We need your help!!!! Below is a link to a Sign-up Genius for our Kellison Open Golf Tournament. In order to make our golf tournament a success, we are in need of many donations. You can sign-up at the following link:

Thank you so much in advance for your help!
The Kellison Open Committee