Study Skills

Note Taking, Getting Organized, and Test organized

Test Taking Skills

Test Taking: Try to use your time wisely and make sure you answer all questions!

· Try to eliminate the wrong answers to get the right one

· Follow all of the directions

· Read each question carefully and underline important parts in the directions

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Test Taking Strategy

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Note Taking Skills

Note Taking: Some important things to focus on while you are taking notes are make sure you copy down everything you need and try to rephrase the notes you are trying to copy down.

· Try putting dates on your notes

· Use abbreviations and symbols

· Use the margin for your on side notes

· Try highlighting the things that are important to you

· Make sure record the important parts


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Getting organized skills

Getting organized: to be organized can tell a person’s characteristics

· Getting organized can help you in life so you would be able to find the things in a short amount of time

· Always keep track on things