Br'er Rabbit

LA Folk Tale Project - Milan P. - 7th Period

About Brer Rabbit

Br'er Rabbit is the main character and is actually the trickster that always bests others with his wits. He has lived his life in a briar patch, and because of that, he is not harmed when Br'er Fox drops him in one of them. He is a representative of a small force overcoming larger forces such as Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear.

Br'er Rabbit Makes a Dollar-A-Minute

In the folk tale, all the animals show human traits by speaking. Br'er Rabbit is shown to be the trickster by stealing Br'er Fox's goober peas and hiding his tracks. Once again, the conflict is between Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox.Br'er Rabbit, along with his children, continue to steal the goober peas. Rabbit decides to solve the problem by catching the thief in their crime by setting up a trap. However, Br'er Rabbit escapes his capture by framing Br'er Bear. Br'er Fox acts like a human by getting mad at someone without giving them a chance to explain.