Stress management

Learn how to manage stress

What is Stress?

Stress is the reaction of the body and mind to everyday challenges.

What are stressors?

Stressors are anything that cause stress.

Positive stressors- Vacation, Party, Job Interview, Getting Married

Negative stressors- Tests, School Work, Relationship issues, Public Speaking Unsafe Neighborhood Peer Pressure, Taking On a Busy Schedule.

Positive/Negative Ways to Handle Stress

Positive- Have a bath, Listen to music, Talk to an adult, relaxation techniques, Deep breathing, Laughing

Negative- Ignoring it, Becoming frustrated, being angry/impatient, letting it get to where you have chronic stress.

What Can Be Done To Limit Stress?

Balance work with fun, Plan ahead, Think positive, get enough sleep, try to avoid stressful situations.

Fun facts

Stress has been called “the silent killer”

The top three most stressful cities are Chicago, California, and Illinois