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Making Resolutions Happen

'Tis the season to set some goals and make them happen! While I am sure we will all make some resolutions for our personal lives, I encourage you to make some resolutions for your teacher-lives too.

To yank some ideas from the Harvard Business Review (full article here), consider these things to make your resolutions successful:

  1. Be Realistic -- start small, start reasonable. Pick one that is relative to you, so you are invested in it. Want to go paperless? Learn how to push out documents and annotate on the tablet.
  2. Focus on the Positive -- consider a goal that develops a strength. Don't allow your self to grow complacent in your skill!
  3. Commit Publicly -- tell people that you're doing this! While peer pressure isn't good, public acknowledgement can hold you accountable. Going to start using more groups in class? Tell your team, tell your admins, tell your PLEF.
  4. Create a Plan of Action -- come up with an attack strategy! Success is contingent mostly upon a plan, so ask yourself "what do I need to do to make this happen?" Do each step, even if a step is asking for help or seeking out more training.
  5. Recruit Support -- get a buddy to do it with you! Interested in using an app more? See if someone else will start using it more with you.
  6. Set Milestones -- pay attention to incremental progress! Growth doesn't happen overnight; it's a progress worth paying attention to -- and celebrating!
  7. Keep Perspective -- Cut yourself some slack. Change can be hard; new strategies sometimes don't work. Your students struggle, and it's okay if you do! Like the old adage says, "practice makes perfect."

And one last thing -- resolutions shouldn't happen just in January! As you grow and progress as a person and professional, make another. Then another. Don't let bettering yourself be a once-a-year kind of thing.

Your PLEsolutions (or PLE Resolutions)

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Now, making resolutions for PLE doesn't have to be scary or hard. Consider these options as you kick off the new year.

  • Do more small group activities. Make sure that you have MEANINGFUL groups, not self-selected or random. (Group 2)
  • Assess your classroom rules. Are they effective? Do your students really understand them? Where are your problems still, and how can you fix them? (Culture 1)
  • Make sure your lessons are lessons that YOU would want to sit through. (Target 1)
  • Change your room around to allow for grouping and independent work. (Environment 1)

If these don't float your boat, but you're wanting to get some ideas, contact me and I'll be glad to sit down with you and look at some goals!

Re-establishing Tablet Tech Rules

Make sure you re-establish the tablet tech rules with your students (and your teacher teams)! As we know from our classrooms, established and followed procedures help create stronger classroom management. The steps are as follows:

  1. Before submitting Help Desk tickets, students should follow the troubleshooting poster in your classroom. They should a) power off and then on; b) turn wi-fi off then on; and c) forget the wi-fi network and then rescan the wi-fi QR code (with the Wi-Fi Reconnect app).
  2. If students can't fix it, then you should quickly try as the teacher. This helps eliminate use disrupting your class or having to send your student out of class.
  3. Submit a ticket using your teacher tablet for the student, or ask another student to do so. Failure to submit a ticket will result in a student being sent back to class without a repaired tablet.

Because we are 2 people (usually 1) attempting to help 500+, we are currently unable to help students who are sent to the Media Center without a tablet ticket or who were not requested to come down for tech work! Please ensure they have submitted the ticket and that you have tried to troubleshoot with them. Remember the poster: Wi-Fi off/on, Wi-Fi forget/reconnect, and restart. Those usually fix most problems.

Picking Up Tablets

In the morning, please be sure to send students to pick up their tablets! There will be a morning announcement listing which students' tablets are ready. If their names are not called, do not send them to the Media Center unless your Media Spec or PLEF has contacted you!


Lauren Smith

This math teacher has been acting like a superhero on the 6th grade hall, mutliplying herself with her mighty powers of Lensoo Create and the Amplify tablets, pulling small groups of students for more direct and guided instruction, and encouraging students who are ready to work independently. By enabling her students to work more at their own pace, she has put the more at ease in a traditionally "scary subject" for many students. All this, and she's not nearly as exhausted -- even though there are more of her now, in a sense. Not bad, right??


Teachers, I want to challenge you to show your students that you have got the tech smarts and the PLE-savvy skills to teach in our ever-changing modern day. Every newsletter, I will issue you small mini-challenge. These little mini-challenges will be designed to help you explore different tools and learning strategies you might use in your classroom!
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Find the webpage for your department at your alma mater, and create a QR code linking to it. Print and post the QR code outside your classroom door! If you're feeling fancy -- and I hope you are, you can make it look all fun with a border or a "header" or whatever you want! You can look on the windows at my office for my example!

PLEF, what huh?

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