Math August 19, 2013

Number Lines

Ms. Chafin loves visiting her aunt in the big apple!

Ms. Chafin is on her way to see a Broadway show in New York City. She needs to take the subway from her aunt’s house to Times Square. The nearest station is at 86th and Lexington Ave. She will ride the train from 86th and Lexington Ave. to Grand Central/42nd Street where she will switch from the 5 train to the 7 train. She gets to the subway at 7:17pm and the 5 train she needs to take is leaving the station. If the subway comes every 6 minutes when is the next 5 train coming?

A number line can help us visualize the intervals between different numbers in order to help us solve problems, like Ms. Chafin trying to catch the subway train.

Time to work in our math journals!

Back to the subway

Ms. Chafin has just gotten off the 5 train at Grand Central station. She needs to hop on the 7 train to get to Times Square and her theater. She arrived at Grand Central Station at 7:44. Use the number line to determine…

  1. How often the train comes... the increments on the number line
  2. What time the next 7 train will arrive

Mr. Fransicovich a lawyer who works near Wall Street is finishing up a hard day at work. He would like to leave Wall Street and head to Columbus Circle for dinner on the 2 train. He will be entering the subway station at 8:30. What time will the next 2 train arrive?

Partner Work

Remember- number lines have increments and start with the smallest number to the left, largest number to the right.

  1. Create a number line using the following numbers. 10, 20, 30, 50, 40, and 60. What is the increment?
  2. Create a number line using the following numbers. 21, 14, 7, 28, 35, and 42. What is the increment?
  3. Scholars you have just finished a tour of New York University! You are going to head to Central Pack for lunch. You will ride the subway, the N train, from NYU to 5 avenue and 59th street. Scholars you arrive at the subway station at 12:00, use the number line to determine when the next train will arrive?

independent practice!

time to show what you know :)

  1. Create a number line using the following numbers 23, 29, 26, 20, 32, and 35. What is the increment?
  2. Copy the number line onto your note card. Fill in the missing numbers.