Bio Conflict Cube

By: Gustavo G. Solis

Yellow Wolf

Yellow Wolf was born on 1855 and died on 1935.Yellow Wolf was from Wallowa Valley, Oregon. When he was young ( 20s) he joined a band for the flight to Canada.
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Interesting Facts

Yellow Wolf was not the name that he wanted to be called.

By the time of his death only one of his nine children were living.

Micro Conflicts

  • He only had one child living by the time of his death/Negative
  • His wife was gone by the 1905 census/Negative
  • Many of his children died at very young age/Negative

Macro Conflicts

  • He was the one indian who told about his life and the war which helped us all learn about it/Positive
  • He kept peace between the white men so there would be no problems/Positive
  • Natives were being killed by white men with no consequences/Negative
Yellow Wolf was a compromiser I think because he tried to solve problems and not create war.

Impact on history

The impact this person had on history was that he helped us learn about the native and the war they had.