Geography and Globalization

How they play a role in how we live. (By Shea Flanders, G)

An Introduction

Geography and globalization work as a team. They are both equally important in how we live our daily lives. Geography gives us mountains, bodies of water, caves, volcanoes, etc. It lays out a place for the human race to live. Globalization gives us new ideas, culture, resources, and much more. It helps the human race make a better word for one-another. They both improve our world, and bring us together.

Globalization shapes the world as one.

Geography lets the human race live.

But how do they bring us together?

Intoduction (Continued...)

Well, one of the perks of globalization, is that we can talk to anyone in the world, learn about other cultures, and receive things from other countries. Many things in your own home are from other countries, for example...


To be specific, this is Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette, a very elegant palette, and a very elite makeup company.
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Aw yeah, this stuff is the best! You can frame your eyes anyway you want, and they'll look stunning! Who doesn't love eyeshadow? (Well, maybe if you're a guy, but they can wear it too, no shame!)

A Little More On Urban Decay

Urban Decay is a trusted makeup brand that ships their products all around the world. They produce every makeup product, from eyeliner, to mascara, to foundation, and more! They advertise all around the world.

Many makeup companies have their products in Europe.
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This is where they manufacture their products.
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The population is very dense in these areas in Europe, so it's easy to find work.

Usually, makeup companies put their factories in poorer countries, but Urban Decay makes very expensive products, so they want to have a good name. They don't want their workers to get low pay. They are also a cruelty-free brands.

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One of the most important ingredients in eyeshadow is mica, and the map above shows the main places where mica is obtained. (2005)
Big image
These are the places where the make up travels from Europe to us. (The USA)

So globalization allows us to obtain makeup from other companies, and geography allows us to have the ingredients we need to make makeup.

But there are also many problems that arise in this process.


Many makeup companies, like Urban Decay, put a "natural" label on their products. There has been a high demand for more natural ingredients in makeup products today. Most of it is just for show, because consumers think that if the product is natural, it's better for them. This causes more mining and farming, which would be good, but it is over-done, and is damaging the environment.
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An example of a company that does this is Pure Anada (shown above).


Many makeup companies that revolve around skincare are now producing electrical items, most noticably these electric powered face scrubbers. The idea is to exfoliate your face. But many companies forgot to put warning labels on these, which resulted in customers getting shocked.
Big image
The one shown above is made by FLYMEI.


For a long time now, there has been contoversy in the beauty industry. For makeup being sexist, using models that are too thin or unrealistic, making aims at young girls, and a lot more. Urban Decay makes very expensive products, and has made a large cultural impact on the makeup industry. Every teenage girl wants to buy these Naked palettes. This company creates separation in the makeup world. In the sense that, you don't love makeup if you don't own these products, which isn't true at all.


Urban Decay is known for being a cruelty-free brand. That's why this company appeals to so many consumers. But once Urban Decay announced it would start building stores in China, the sales on their products went down, because China is known for using animal testing when it comes to products. A month later, Urban Decay took away it's company in China, and sales went back up.
Big image
The picture above was made by a user on Tumblr to boycott the company.

So what's a solution?

Well, for the culture part of the problem, maybe the company could reach out to more consumers. Maybe using more models of different races, different body types, and even getting some male models. Makeup should be a universal product, that everyone should be able to use!
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Globalization brings us a lot of good, but it also can bring us bad.


  • We can learn about anything going on in the world
  • Free trade with other countries
  • Obtain products we wouldn't be able to get on our own
  • Lower prices on goods
  • Ability to communicate with other countries
  • New allies with other countries

Cons :

  • New diseases can get across borders
  • More opportunity for Terrorism
  • People loosing jobs in countries because of lower wages
  • Environmental damage from machines
  • More tax on other products
  • Leaves poorer countries poorer

But I personally, think that the good is worth the bad.

Globalization has given me so many cool things in my daily life. Right now I have a phone from China, makeup from France, shoes from Vietnam. Me and my family are a combination of four different ethnicities. I can call anyone I want in the country, and the world. I can even live-stream footage from the Mars rover! Globalization gives me so much power to do so many cool things, and I'm grateful that I'm living in a time where I can experience how fast it's growing. It's truly amazing.

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(This is a picture of everyone together, we're all pretty cool.)