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Testing the connection between healthy kids and academic success

The Centennial School District's Sun Program in Portland, Oregon has teamed up with Family Fitness Fundamentals for the first time ever in a project that links students to health and fitness integration. This six month program will begin at Lynch Meadows Elementary School January 13, 2014

'This is something that is so new, and we are excited to see the results in linking children's academic success to their level of physical fitness and emotional well being', said Sandra Boggs, Founder of Family Fitness Fundamentals. Students will be tracking their health status, fitness/academic goals, behavior and attendance to for improvement over the study period.

Studies have shown that children that scored higher on fitness tests and were height and weight proportionate not only scored higher on standardized tests and grades, but also had higher attendance and less behavior issues. The Centennial School District has a large number of children that are at risk and are taking the steps to forge ahead and support the future success for these students. It will not only include health, fitness education, but also cover such topics and building strategies and setting goals, enhancing relationships, and promoting emotional well being.

To learn more about this style of fitness integration for the 2014/2015 school year, go to www.famfitfun.com for more.

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