Barton Hills Bulletin

Week of March 23 - 27

From Kati

Fabulous Track and Field day - thank you Courtney, sixth graders, and everyone who participated!

Becky Pursley wanted me to share the following note:

I'm home for the duration of Phil's illness. We don't need anything right now except prayers & understanding how we wish it were different. I really miss everyone and appreciate all the big & little things my team, Sheila, Tara, Rosalinda & Susie, Susanne, so many people have done for us and the class.


Rima Elhagehassen will be her sub for the remainder of the school year. I'd like to thank Allyn, Mary and Barbara for their support and work organizing plans in Becky's absence.

Have a wonderful Spring Break. Enjoy the beautiful week and have some fun.

Updates and Reminders

  • Thank you for getting all those furniture orders done in the midst of report cards and everything else!

This Weeks Events

Spring Break - March 16 - 20 (in case you forgot)

Atterberry- Morning Duty


  • "A" Day for Special Areas
  • 7:45 Assembly


  • "B" Day for Special Areas
  • ARD/504/eCST Day


  • "C" Day for Special Areas


  • "A" Day for Special Areas
  • 3:00 STAAR testing administrator training


  • "B" Day for Special Areas
  • Teacher Lunch
  • Kinder to Expo Heritage Center

Upcoming Events

March 30

Fourth Grade STAAR Writing Day 1

Third Grade to Austin Zoo

Rosalinda's birthday

March 31

Fourth Grade STAAR Writing Day 2

April 2

Faculty Meeting

April 6 - 10

Wellness week/Walk and Bike to School Week

April 6

9:00 Fire Drill

April 8

Spring Individual and Class Pictures

April 9

Kindergarten Rodeo

3:00 CAC

April 10

Data Review meetings during planning

12:30 Fresh Friday

April 13 - 17

Librarian Appreciation Week

Unannounced Lock Down Drill

TPRI/DRA End of year window opens

April 16

9:30 First Grade to Austin Nature Center

April 17

9:30 Second Grade to Blanton Museum

My Post Track and Field Funny Story

Thanks Mr. V. for challenging Will to the Tug of War - he took it very seriously!

So, I'm walking in with Thomson's class and one of the kindergarteners looked at me and said "Wow, Mrs. Achtermann, how did Will get so strong?" The good mom/principal that I am replied "Oh, he's been eating his vegetables." Will then turns around and says, "uh-uh, I've been working out."