Weekly News

By: Emily C


From what we've heard, of course the sources will remain anonymous, a whore lurks the streets of Venice! Desdemona cheated on our lord, Othello. It's sick to hear what she has done to him. I couldn't imagine how he feels. If you don't believe that she did it, then ask around. I think everyone is aware of what happened because if you have been around Othello recently, he's been having temper tantrums about it. I don't blame him though. He figured out the person he loved cheated on him! Do you wanna know what makes it worst? It was with his lieutenant! She's a disgrace. I even heard that Emilia doesn't think that cheating is bad if she was given the world. Venice has such corrupt girls. It makes me sick. My advice to all of you is to make sure you keep track of what your wife does, so she won't cheat on you and make you look dumb! I know some people who think she didn't cheat because there is "no proof". Yeah right, the Handkerchief Othello gave to Desdemona was in Cassio's bedroom! That is all of the proof you need to know. I hope you all watch out for yourself, because you never know if your own wife will do the same to you.

In other news..

We have some other things you might need to worry about; backstabbers! That's right. I don't think you thought it could get any worse then this, but it has. From what we've heard, Iago and Roderigo are being fake to our lord Othello. It's weird that everyone is turning on him, poor thing. We haven't heard what they have been doing to him, but we just know the have been plotting against him. Maybe they are trying to get Othello to stay with Desdemona even after what she has done. Now that isn't confirmed, but is most likely the truth. So, we hope this is a warning to all of you; do NOT trust anyone here in Venice. They might turn their backs on you, just like a lot of people are doing to Othello.

Here's a quiz

For all of the people who love doing newspaper quizzes, here you are. Only 5 questions, you know you want to do it!

1. Why did Desdemona cheat?

A. She didn't want to love a Moor

B. Othello was never around

C. Cassio is just so charming

D. She can't commit to anyone

2. Does Cassio deserve his rank back?

A. No

B. Yes

3. Do you think Iago is a backstabber, and why?

A. Yes, he's always been one

B. Yes, he's just jealous

C. No, he's trustworthy

D. No, he's just being falsely accused

4. Do you think Roderigo was involved with this?

A. Yes

B. No

5. Who else do you think would cheat?

A. Emilia

B. Bianca