The Case of the Sticky Mouse

A three blind mice tale

The three blind mice found themselves in the world of candy land. Well at least we thought they were blind before they got into a bit of a sticky situation. I guess I need to tell you the story now so here it goes…

It was your average Tuesday morning in Candy land except one thing and that was that the three blind mice were here. Bucky, Cindy, and Rufus were on their daily stroll when they came across the prized possession of the mayor, the caramel crown. There were people around so they went on their way pretending that they were indeed blind. Later that day they went on their walk again to see if the crown was still there and it was. The only mouse who thought anything of it was Bucky, so he took it with Cindy watching. The thing is Cindy did not agree and they did not see the tattle telling turtle behind them. The tattle telling turtle called the cops and the three blind mice were put under arrest. The mice were allowed to go home that night instead of spending the night in jail. A week later the nice got a subpoena letting them know that their presence in court was due in three days for a trial. The next day the mice had an arraignment with the judge. During their arraignment it was decided that Cindy and Rufus would not be tried but they would be the witnesses along with tattle telling turtle. The day of the hearing was finally here and all the mice were nervous, Bucky was nervous to be found guilty and Rufus and Cindy were nervous that their friend would hate them if they were honest about the whole situation. Cindy and Rufus walked in and sat down in front of the Petit Jury and Bucky was brought in by the Public defender. All three mice and the turtle took their oaths to say nothing but the truth. Bucky was put in the defendants stand and the prosecution proceeded. Bucky was asked questions, some he answered and some he did not. When it was time for the witnesses to be called to the stand Rufus and Tattle Telling Turtle went first but when it was Cindy’s turn the story changed. She was sticking up for her friend and to do so she had to commit a perjury, she lied to try to save her friend. But her lies did not matter the case was settled and the verdict was made by the judge and jury. Bucky was convicted guilty. Bucky tried to make a plea bargain for his crime but the judge would not budge, Bucky would remain guilty with a felony for grand theft. The indictment for Bucky’s crime was not yet decided, but Bucky would not have to worry about it due to the fact that his brother was sitting in the court room and offered to pay bail. After that the three blind mice no longer pretended to be blind and they learned their lesson they run a charity now and help out others, they will never again find themselves in a sticky situation.

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