Amendment 6

Don't procrastinate with your trial date!

What is it?

If you are ever accused of a crime, you have the right to be informed as to why you a re accused of the crime, the right to testify against witnesses, the right to choose your own witnesses for your case, and the right to have the assistance of a defense
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What does it mean by "fair and impartial"?

When the amendment says fair and impartial it is referring to the judge and the jury. This means the niether the judge or the jury will be biased towards you. Also this means you will get a chance to defend yourself and explain your case. They have to listen to what you are saying.

What does it mean by "speedy"?

With the sixth amendment, trials will no longer be put off. This means the trials will be faster and trial dates will always be sooner.

What does "Assistance of Counsel for his defence." mean?

The court gives you the option of hiring a lawyer or using a lawyer assigned to you by the court. Don't you want the oppurtunity to fairly defend yourself?

Do the Jingle! Do the Jingle!

Even if your poor and needy, Amendment 6 gets you trials that are speedy!