Separate But Equal in 2015

Stop Allowing It

Respect is not only for jobs that require a degree

Custodians, cafeteria workers and bus drivers are not servants.

Yet, these adults are called by their first names by children and other adults everyday.

Many times, they work in invisibility, and other types of employees treat them as if they are second class.

In their handbooks, there is actual wording that says they cannot bring their complaints outside the department- meaning, the union.

They use back doors and side doors to enter the building.

They do not share common break rooms or bathrooms with the rest of the staff.

They do not clock in on the same time clock with the rest of the staff.

They have minimal access to technology in the district.

Many other types of employees DO NOT even speak to them.

Their jobs are much less protected.

Are we still living in the days of segregation?

We are in this together

We must break this culture of hierarchy

It begins with you

Together we are strong, divided we are weak

We must start here, to work on ourselves and address this issue to be taken seriously as a true union for all the employees

We can do this!

The candidate already working toward this goal

Right now, two of our custodians have come forward, I suggest that more of you follow their lead, and let the union protect your voice!