Act 1 Scene 1: The Witches

Film Versions 2 and 3

Comparing the films to the book

Version 2 compares to the text by in the book the witches weren't destroying the cemetery's property. Then in version 3 the witches killed someone and casted a spell on him. This was more accurate to the book because the book didn't describe them destroying anything. In the text it described them casting a spell and doing witch craft. Film version 2 looked interesting because the setting was different.

Difference and Similarity

A difference I noticed between the two versions were the actions the witches were performing. In version twp they were destroying thr cemetery and in version three they were doing witch craft on someone they killed.

Then a similarity between the two versions was they weren't dressed how you think witches normaly look like. As in wearing cloths and looking ugly with beards. In the two versions they were dressed normally, fitting in, and you couldn't tell they were witches.