Knights Watch

January 11 - 15

All In, Mt. Gallant!

How We Win:

  • Building and sustaining relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Improving our core instruction in the areas of Guided Reading, Lucy Calkins' writing, and Number Talks.
  • Personalizing the MGES experience and learning for each child

Prep for January 13 Number Talk PD

Each teacher will prepare a Number Talk to teach to their grade level during our team meeting on January 13. Michael, Kristen, and your team will be able to ask questions and give constructive feedback. Thanks, in advance, for being prepared! We are very excited for this micro-teaching opportunity!


Textbook Adoption-Science and Social Studies

Paul Broome and Erin Baker will attend the textbook caravan later this month. They will share information on the new textbook adoptions for Science and Social Studies. As sample materials come in they will be placed in the Literacy Room.

Science Benchmark Assessments

All Science benchmarks for 2nd quarter should be completed by the end of the school day on Thursday, Jan. 14th. Grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th should turn in scan forms to Mrs. Leonard’s box so they may be sent to the district office for scoring. All scan forms will be sent Friday through inter office mail.

State Testing Update

SC PASS Science and Social Studies for 4th and 5th grade will be online. The testing window will be May 11-May 27. Please be mindful of these dates as the computer lab will be in use during this window for state testing.

Students in grades 3rd-5th will be taking SC READY in ELA and Math. The testing dates have not been determined yet as we do not know if we will be testing online or paper/pencil. The assessment will not be timed. The ELA test will be a two-day test, broken out into two sessions for all grades. Session 1 will include an extended written response item.

For ELA Session 1, the extended written response item will be a “text dependent analysis” (or TDA) item. This item type requires that students read a piece of text or passage and draw upon that text for their extended written responses.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Reading Coach's Corner

What a great start with our Calkins units! So many of you are jumping in, head first! I enjoyed our conversations on Wed. and look forward to more, later in the month. Please email me as questions arise, as we explore this together.

My next project is ordering leveled texts for our self-extending and advanced readers. Contact me with any special requests or suggestions. I will be working with volunteers to bag and better organize our current materials too.

Be brave, take a risk, and try something new in your classroom this week!

Possible Retention

If you have a student in your classroom that you are considering retaining, you need to schedule a PST meeting now. Any student not involved in PST prior to February 1 will not be considered for retention.

This Week:


  • Jean Day! You may leave after your afternoon duties.
    • Moree at Winthrop @ 10:45am


    • Report Cards sent home
      • 2:45 - Meet in the Media Center for a brief presentation from our Knight-O-Bots before heading to your PLC time.


      • Number Talk PD - Please arrive prepared.
      • Moree/Leonard/Abernethy Meeting at 11am
      • Knights Doing It Right at 2pm (No matter K-2 or 3-5, send them. We'll try it this way and see how it goes.)


      • Heather in PD Room
      • SIC at 5:15; PTA at 6pm
      • PST - See Calendar
      • 1st Grade 4-H
      • Moree/Leonard/Abernethy Meeting @ 2pm


      • Recycling boxes out by 7:45AM
      • Team minutes posted in Canvas

      Coming Up:


      18 - No School, MLK Holiday

      19 - Faculty Tuesday - PTA Health Day, Essential Learning

      20 - Team Meetings with Lisa

      26 - John Hodge - Collab Tuesday - Meeting at Rawlinson Road Baptist

      29 - Erin Baker and Paul Broome - Science/SS Textbook Caravan

      30 - Back the Pack Winthrop Basketball Games - Women's at 1pm; Men's at 4pm


      12 - No School

      15 - No School


      14 - Teacher Workday

      25 - Teacher Workday (Trade-in day if you attended the summer PLC Conference)