5 Steps To Wash Dishes

Samira and Emily

The 5 Steps

There are 5 Steps to properly wash dishes. These Five steps ensure that the dishes get cleaned and sanitized properly, so there is no bacteria and the people who use the dishes don't get sick. Here are the 5 steps to wash dishes.

Step 1

The first is to scrape off the extra food from the dishes into the garbage. We do this because if you leave the food on the dishes and wash them they will go down the drain and clog the sink. When the sink is clogged the water wont drain and bacteria will grow because the old food is stuck there. Sometimes you wouldn't even notice that it's there. Continuing to wash dishes in that sink where bacteria is growing from the food could get you sick. Bacteria needs food, moisture and warmth to grow. In the drain those things are all there, so its very easy for bacteria to grow.

Step 2

Step two, wash dishes with warm water and soap. Washing dishes with warm water gets the food particles from the excess food off. The heat from the water will help, start to kill the bacteria. The hot water will also help getting the grease or oil off dishes. Make sure you scrub the dishes with a sponge of some sort, to get rid of the germs and food. If your dish has food stuck on it or burnt on let the dish soak in the warm water with soap for a couple minuets. This will make it much much easier to remove the food.

Step 3

Now for step three, rinse the dishes. In this step you need to remove the soap from the dishes by rinsing it in warm water, to also help kill germs. This step is a must because it removes the soap so once your done cleaning the dish you don't eat any of it, because it could be dangerous. Also rinsing the soap off keeps the soap out of the other 2 sinks.

Step 4

Step 4 is a pretty important step. In step four you sanitize the dishes. This step normally only happens in big kitchens, like school kitchens or restaurants. There is a proper way to sanitize dishes. It starts with 3-4 pumps of sanitizer. Make sure it goes in with enough cool water. This step is the last cleaning step so it has to be executed well. After the sanitizer goes in you put the dishes in for 45 seconds. It has to be 45 seconds because this is where any leftover bacteria dies. Without this step in big kitchens, the dishes could still be dirty. Even if there not physically dirty, or you can't see it they still are because of the bacteria. This is why this is such an important step.

Step 5

Step five, drain and dry upside down and put back in their proper place. You want to do this so your dishes aren't wet once there on the shelf. This could be annoying for the next person who needs to use it. Its also a good idea to put the dish back where it goes so other people can find it in the future.
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Dish Washing

These are the five steps to properly wash dishes.